Hunting with Jack Russell Terriers in Texas.
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Hunting with Jack Russell Terriers
Jack Russell Terriers were
developed by the Rev. John
Russell in the mid to late
1800's for the purpose of
hunting fox. Their size,
shape and fearless
demeanor make them
suitable for following the
many types of quarry
Terriers can compete in a fun event called go to ground.  Go to ground is
an event that simulates a hunting situation. The terrier traverses a tunnel
and attempts to find a quarry at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel has
several turns to make it a harder for the terrier. The terrier with the fastest
time to the quarry is considered the winner. The terrier must mark (i.e.,
bark, scratch, whine) to qualify the time.

Bear Creek Magnus (right) is shown exiting a training tunnel.
Hunting is instinctual for the JRT.  They can be used on many types of
quarry and seem to really enjoy the hunt.

Mouse and Milly (above) are shown hunting barn mice. Jack Russells have
a natural affinity to horses and many horse people keep Jacks around the
The intelligence of the Jack Russell adds to its versatility. They can be trained for a variety of tasks other than
what they were originally bred for. Bear Creek Jack Russells have been used for falconry, tracking, pointing,
flushing and retrieving.

Huckleberry (below left) a Bear Creek bred Jack Russell Terrier retrieves a bird at Hidden Lakes Hunting
Resort near Yantis in East Texas. (photo by Luke Clayton)