Quality short and long legged Jack Russell Terriers in Texas.
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for information on our Jack Russell puppies.
Our long legged Jack Russell puppies
"Bailey" who lives in Los Angeles,
California and her brother "Jake" who
is a New York City Jack Russell puppy.
Finn is a fuzzy faced Jack Russell
puppy who lives in Chicago.
This is Lola a Jack Russell puppy in Houston, Texas.

Let us help you find your next family member.  
Come pick up your new puppy, let us deliver it to
you or meet you at DFW airport!

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Welcome to Bear Creek- home of some very special Jack
Russell Terriers!  We have both short legged and long legged
JRT puppies for sale near Fort Worth and Dallas Texas.  
Some other terms you may hear JRTs referred to are shorty /
shortie, English / Irish Jack Russell Terrier, and Parson Russell
Terriers.  We have both the under 12 inch and the over 12
inch type. For a more detailed explanation read our page
Jack Russell Sizes.

Our little Jack Russell Terrier puppies have found new families
in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and across Texas including
Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Families that live too far
away can fly here to pick up their new short Jack Russell
puppy at DFW airport and fly back with them in the cabin.  
Families in San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles
California, Chicago Illinois, and New York City, New York have
our JRT puppies.  Our short Jack Russells are also found in
Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana,
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Idaho, Indiana,
Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, New
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Washington DC.  
Whether in the big city or out in the country, the ability of these
dogs to make excellent companions has no doubt added to
their popularity.

So, if you are not in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas we can still help
you find the perfect short Irish Jack Russell puppy!  If we don't
have a puppy, we can also recommend other Russell Terrier
breeders that breed for the same qualities we do.  Before you
buy a pup, call us and learn why our Jacks are so special.  
Experience the difference of a Bear Creek Russell Terrier!
Jameson is a shorty Irish Jack Russell puppy
who lives in California and enjoys boating.  Our
Jack Russell puppies love all kinds of activities.
Our Jack Russell puppies are located 4.5 hours from Houston, 2.5 hours from Austin and  45 minutes from Dallas, Tx.
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